Q: I expect / I receive very few calls per day. Can I outsource to you?

A: Sure. Our charges & plans are suitable for a small business which may not have a large call volume but still wants to break free from answering support / query calls and focus on what's important—taking care of your clients and building your business.
For Low Traffic customers, we can work together to design a pricing structure and coverage that fulfills your needs at a cost you can afford.
For high Traffic customers, our PER AGENT plan is very effective.
You may choose the plan best suited for your needs.

Q: Is there a minimum contract period?

A: There is no minimum contract period!

Q: What is the training process? How are your agents trained?

A: Our training process is very simple.
We need the following material to understand your business and be able to support your customers well.

  • Your product / service details from your website contents.

  • Your Products & Services Manuals.

  • Samples of our previous email correspondence with your customers

  • Any other document you think will help us in agent training.

Our Process Managers will interact with you to ensure a complete understanding of your business. Based on these discussions, we will create a knowledge base for your account. Our Process Manager then trains our agents. There are a series of group discussions and training sessions between our Process Manager & Agents. Within a few days to a week we are fully trained to Go Live!

For technical support, we hire qualified agents from the beginning. The agents would be experienced and skilled in the required field. We only hire agents with extensive call center experience so our training time is reduced and you receive top quality service from us from day one.

Q: What happens if the phone line is busy?

A: We have our own IP-PBX server located at our Contact Center. Hence phone lines are never busy.
As soon as a call is received, it enters a Call Queue and is answered by the agent immediately.
If all of the agents are busy answering other calls for you, the new call is maintained in the queue, with an appropriate greeting designed by you. We can provide 24/7 support for you. If, however, you are only set up for partial coverage and a call comes during non-service hours, then those calls are redirected to our voice mail system. Our agents respond to the voice mails in a timely manner the following day.

Q: What are your Hold-Times?

A: For low-traffic accounts, we try to maintain a hold-time of less than 2 minutes.
For Per-Minute Plan, you control the hold times.
Our agents are dedicated to your services only & answers as many calls as possible.
But if there is still a hold time which you would like to improve, you would need to signup for more agents :)

Q: What languages do you support?

A: Currently, we offer services in English, Tagalog and Visayan.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We can do a small project or test for you without any payment.  We then would like to be paid before we go much further on a project.  Some of our clients place a credit card on file with us to use as a backup source for billing, but we prefer to be paid by check if possible.

Q: How will our customer's calls reach you?

A: Forwarding your customer's inbound calls to us is very simple.
Step 1: We assume you have a toll-free or regular number which you have published to the world.
Step 2: We will provide you with a local phone number of your area.
Step 3: You need to setup Call Forwarding on your published number, to the local number provided by us.
Step 4: Call will now ring directly at our Contact Center in The Philippines.
No long distance call charges apply in this forwarding process.

Q: I am ready to start. What next? How do I start?

A: Step 1: The first step is to fill up the sign-up form .here
Step 2: Based on the contents of the signup form, we will send you Service Contract + First Month's Invoice.
Step 3: Sign the contract and email it back to us along with the payment.

We will start the training process, set up phone lines, Knowledgebase etc.
All this would take about 7-10 days after which we are ready to go LIVE!!

Q: I need to outsource, but never done it before. I am apprehensive?

A: We can understand your apprehensions and concerns about outsourcing!
We encourage you to discuss your business and the process you wish to outsource with our Sales Team.
Our Sales team will explain all aspects of outsourcing, including advantages / disadvantages specific to your business.
This will build the much required faith and confidence in our services and the concept of outsourcing.

Please remember outsourcing is no magic. It's a process of getting professional to manage an important part of your business - Customer Support. We understand Customer support better than you. We help you reduce costs & allow you more free time for your business and family.

 Q: How do you manage Data Security (Credit Card, Contact information etc)?

A: We have implemented strict security measures to ensure sensitive information like credit card details / client lists etc are never compromised.
Our agents do not have access to login & password details of our client's systems.
Our systems are protected with firewalls and strong physical security.
Your business is safe with us.

 Q: What are the benefits I can expect from Outsourcing to Ramshyam?

A: There are multiple benefits of outsourcing your customer support, order taking processes to us. Here are some of them:

  • Highly professional & experienced team handling of customer relationship management.

  • Being domain experts, we have access to the latest technology & proven processes. We are better equipped to deal with situations, since we do it all the time.

  • Since we serve customers globally, we have a better understanding of various cultures & demographics.

  • Our understanding & suggestions for your business often serve as an important 3rd party perspective.

  • We have better understanding of customer psychology and their needs at different times.

  • After outsourcing, you will have more time for yourself, your business and most important your family.

  • We help you save cost as our charges are much lower than what you would be paying locally.

  • Call Center Customer Service
  • Inbound Teleservices and Sales
  • Outbound Sales/Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Account Services
  • Account Appointment
  • Account Setting
  • Account Returns
  • Telemarketing
  • Level-1 Help Desk, Trouble-tickets
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Inbound Sales
  • Order Taking
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Lead Generation Programs