About Us

  • ComPass can customize its services to accommodate businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

  • We offer each client a custom call center service designed with your specific needs in mind.

  • Your customers are OUR customers and nothing is more important to us than keeping our customers happy!

  • Don't just assume or hope your customers are happy with their call center experience, KNOW they're happy by putting your trust in a company that puts service first!

  • You should never miss a call from your customers and you won't with ComPass.

  • Every single call received or made is treated with the importance and personalized service it deserves.

Our “work family”

We believe that employees who enjoy their work are much more effective. Happy employees are good employees, who then take good care of the callers/customers, which creates satisfied clients. We hire people who are friendly and smart and who possess a very high level of integrity. With these traits, we can train them to do almost anything.

At ComPass we are focused on Quality and Results. Results start and end on the Call Center Floor with the Agents. ComPass continually focuses on monitoring and coaching agents for improvement. We achieve quality and results by:

  • Incentives: ComPass believes in rewarding employees who perform well. The employees know they must achieve stringent benchmarks for performance to earn monetary incentives. This is a wonderful motivator for everyone. Employees who do not meet our high standards are not retained by the company.

  • Supervisor-to-Agent Ratios: These are generally maintained at 8 agents to 1 supervisor or less. Supervisors continually monitor calls from agents and coach their team each day. All Supervisors are compensated based on quality and results of their teams.

  • Quality Assurance Team: ComPass has a QA team that is responsible for monitoring agent calls for Quality and Results. This team is also compensated based on these criteria.

  • Call Recordings: ComPass records calls randomly and uses them for quality assurance criteria to be sure that all agents are following client-directed instructions, and providing superior customer service on every call.

  • Quality Circle Meetings: We hold these meetings at least twice per week between supervisors and agents to allow agents to communicate their experiences and the subsequent handling of the calls to facilitate improvement of quality.

  • Quarterly Review Sessions: These are conducted by the upper management of ComPass with the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of our clients' programs.


  • Call Center Customer Service
  • Inbound Teleservices and Sales
  • Outbound Sales/Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Account Services
  • Account Appointment
  • Account Setting
  • Account Returns
  • Telemarketing
  • Level-1 Help Desk, Trouble-tickets
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Inbound Sales
  • Order Taking
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Lead Generation Programs